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07-17-2011, 05:35 PM
Originally Posted by Myoplexxxxxxxx
I played your series the other day and had a blast. It is a killer story and I am eager to know how it will end. Your attention to detail and the tricks you do with the shuttle in part 2 is completely awesome. I'm just now studying how to use the foundry and can't figure out how you did it.
Your new enemy species is tough, but also a great challenge for my Captain level player. There are so many good foundry created missions out there I have enjoyed, but I rank yours up there with the best of them. Great effects, scenery, and most of all, the story.

I recommend it highly to any browsing the community authored missions looking for a new experience.

I give the whole series 6 Stars and cannot wait for part 4. Hopefully not too long. Hint, hint...

Thanks for your props. Spawn of Medusa and Spawn of Medusa II are the only 2 available
at the moment, but they are both working and playable, less a couple visual effects like a
missing plasma fire and a holographic Base in starfleet headquarters, but they are both
fine otherwise and fully playable. Hopefully I'll be able to republish Spawn of Medusa III
again after the Foundry fix, and follow soon with part 4. Thanks again.