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07-17-2011, 06:50 PM
Guilds are known as "fleets" in STO. There is no cost to join, and you can leave anytime. That said, I would be very hesitant to join one from someone who is randomly sending invites. You can always "ignore" someone by right-clicking their name, and select "ignore player". Then, you will no longer receive anything from that player, be it messages, chat posts, or invites.

Some benefits of joining a fleet (if you decide to join one at some point) would be
1) Having other people that you know to team up with.
2) Getting help with questions, learning the game, or builds
3) Fleet bank/gear
4) Additional uniform slot (which doesn't HAVE TO be used for a fleet uniform)

There are plenty of fleets to choose from in this sub-forum. I, of course, am partial to the 44th (shameless plug here). We are small close-knit casual fleet, and we never send random invites. if you want to check us out.

btw, I believe that naming individual handles on the forums is against forum rules. Ya might want to edit it out before a forum mod sees it. They are pretty strict around here.