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Originally Posted by BluegrassGeek View Post
The Fed side is a bit different than the Klingons. You can mix things up a bit, but generally Engies fly Cruisers, Tac flies Escorts, and Sci flies Science Vessels. Each category compliments their preferred career, and are a little handicapped in ships outside that career.
K, but that has nothing to do with the question I asked. I get that "Engineer=better in Cruiser", BUT I still want to mess with an Engineer in science vessels. If I wanted to be ultra min/max, I would've said so: all I wanted was some polite advice on what folks felt works with an engineer in a science vessel, not someone telling me something I already know while not even touching the actual question I put forth.

Originally Posted by Vraesh View Post
Sorry to say, with science vessels, this is what you'll be doing most of the time. I've tried different sci ship setups, but nothing performs better for me than one torp fore, one torp aft, the rest beams.
If you want a change though, try my favorite sci ship setup, use plasma torps. Sci ships are maneuverable and durable enough to punch a hole in a shield and deliver a heavy plasma torp at point blank range. Scramble sensors, jam sensors, sci team are your powers of choice for this setup.
Aye, I'm a huge fan of plasma torpedos, originally cause of lore purposes (I'm pro-Romulan). Don't have a good set at the moment, but such is the life of a guy still levelling. At the moment, I kind of enjoy my Nebula's set up of Front: Torpedo, Array, Dual Beam, Aft: Array, Mines. Isn't as fantastic as my Gorn's Cruiser's all beams with one torpedo up front set-up, and the Nebula handles like a bathtub, but the set-up hasn't been completely unfortunate. The mines help when other ships get in close, since again... bathtub handling, it's a nice torpedo alternative when you can't line em up up front. The dual beams are nice when I'm firing Tachyon Beam, I'll give em that, but otherwise... yeah, flying bathtub. I'll keep tweaking...

And really, all my goal is to not completely gimp myself. STO is for fun and a Star Trek fix, if I want to min/max I'll go play WoW.