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07-18-2011, 06:16 AM
Originally Posted by Quetzaal
The klingon empire will tear itself apart. There is already infighting between the various households confusing your war effort. Your ship tech development has slowed considerably. In the past year the federation has had, what, 10 new ship designs yet you have had a handful at most and of course you have only a fraction of the captains that the federation has. I give the 'mighty' klingon empire a couple years at most.
Bah! House conflicts are common in the Empire! But you Federation types would not understand as you are too weak and childish for such things.

Our ships are perfectly good Klingon ships. Whilst they may be fewer in number than yours, they are more than capeable of taking down your pathetic ships!

Starfleet is weak. We have made major incursions into your precious territory in the form of Nausicaans, Orions and Gorn as well as our own ships. We have distracted you and we will defeat you!