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07-18-2011, 06:34 AM
I can see where the OP is coming from, to a certain extent, but I can't fault Sivar's logic, the proposed changes would IMHO make some ships seem a litle redundant. Also, assuming the same changes were applied KDF side for balance sake (although there's no garauntee with the way this dog n' pony show's run), there'd no longer be any reason to fly a BoP. The one selling point of the BoP is that you can mix and match to have high tier powers from two disciplines, the BoP sacrifices an ensign power for this. Essentially, these ships are sacrificing nothing for the same flexibility.

A few examples:
The RSV would be capable of BOIII or HYTIII, HYTIII would be especially nasty since with a shield stripper build you wouldn't even need that much weapons power to finish the job yourself.

The FE needs no retrofit, it's already hard as a coffin nail in the hands of a good engineer. With a Lt cmdr engineering as well as it's tactical bofs being arranged as they are, I feel it's toughness would be too great considering it's agility and firepower relative to other ships.

Speaking of the FE's toughness, with a universal ensign slot you'd be able to run the Defiant just like a current FE. Only more nimble, and with a cloaking device. I don't see this as being particularly balanced myself. I can't see where the tradeoff would be either.

And I feel the some ships being redundant would become far worse with this proposed roster of altered ships. I can't think of a single reason I'd fly any of the science ships over the RSV with it's ltcom tac AND science. It also leaves the Excelsior seeming a bit pointless IMHO, the transwarp is't something that should come into play when judging how good it is, because it has no bearing on combat. It's a convenience tool, nothing more.