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07-18-2011, 07:39 AM
The issues I have with this are well the Advanced already got its retrofit so its not necessary. It does indeed now have a version with a Lt. Commander science slot which I find totally ridiculous considering there are no T-5 cruisers (ships with larger more advanced science facilities than escorts) with a slot on par with that. Given its offensive capability, its ability to become three offensive vessels, and the science abilities it can use, its an OP'd set up right now with nothing truly coming to par on a stock level.

the other issue I have is with you making the abilities all consoles in tune with the retrofits class Cloak being tactical, separation being engineering. While I can understand it'd make sense on some level for the ability consoles to match the ships class and intended purpose but on an IP level each ships special ability is an engineering ability. An engineer not a Tactical officer would maintain a cloak, as an engineer would maintain the separation capabilities, or the hull generators. My proposition for this is that the ability consoles be 'universal'.