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07-18-2011, 09:08 AM
I have my Engineer in a Science Vessel and PvE solo as well. I personally like the mixed bag of survivability, CC, DPS, and support. I personally have two Phaser Banks and one Quantum Torpedo Launcher up front and the same in the rear. I did try a few different configs, and while the science vessels are fairly maneuverable, I often found myself stuck in the wrong direction when shields dropped, and by the time I would turn around (without popping Evasive), they'd be up again. Plus if you have one Torpedo fore and aft, and you are facing when the shields drop you can hit 'em twice when you pass (super fun with High Yield). I know that this isn't as popular, but I just supplement my reduced Phaser power with weapons buffs, and I feel that the extra damage from the addition torpedo bay is worth it.