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07-18-2011, 11:56 AM
I have played primarily science vessels with multiple officer types and it can be fun to think out of the box as others have said. Primarily I am a solo PvE with some PvP as a healer.

I would recommend having an idea of what science route you would like to progress along for your Boff's as that may also determine some of your weapon options.
If you are going to be using Boff's to increase your offence then many of the powers are focused on the front of the ship so you will be spending most time trying to face your opponents.
If you go the healer/tank/jamming route then you can afford to be less evasive and not worry about facing.

Some basic builds I played around with
The Shield scrubber with tachyon beam as boff primary weapon.
2x dual beam banks front, plasma torp front
Ream 2 beam banks and mine layer.
Tactic was to head for target with full aux and launch the tachyon beam and then switch to full weap for dual beam bank with overload or fire at will, finish them off with a plasma torp. If you overfly them then drop mines just before passing. Head away and repeat if needed.

Healer and jammer
Either using team boff powers or jamming powers that don't require any front facing to use.
2xBeam arrays fore and aft
Torp front, mine or cluster torp rear.

Anomaly death by science.
Using combination of tykens rift, gravity well, tractor beam and tachyon beam.
2x photon torps front, 1x beam array.
1x mine rear, cluster torp , 1 beam array.

Head in to target and initially drain some of the shields or launch gravity well, once in 5km tractor and launch rift.
This is an Aux heavy build so torps mean I can forget about weap power most of the time.

I do like mines and use ether plasma to get some Dot damage, or favourite is Chroniton to slow targets down so I can turn on them. Mines aren't great for damage, cept maybe tricobalt but they are fun and the proc's can help.

Just my ideas, possibly not the best but they work for me. Not min/max based just fun to play around with.