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07-18-2011, 12:00 PM
Originally Posted by CaptainHorizon
I think I posted here the other day, suprised to see the thread still has a lil momentum. But photo fleet imo could be replaced by another power and would rarely be missed. But I tell ya what, in my everlong quest to make everything in this game worth using (including my tac officer) I ran upon an old bridge officer that had this:
jam sensors 1, trac beam 2.

Now I got my sci in this defiant right, I like that combo and I use trac beam often but never really the jam sensors as it is easily cleared so that BO has been sitting for a while. But then I had an idea. Sometimes when you combo meh with uber-meh things can happen. And instantly the Lamesauce maneuver was born.

What's better when you fake an escape and get chased by 1 enemy? Lamesauce. You see as my hunter bears down on me an my poor little defiant there is something waiting. That's right folks, photo fleet and jam sensors, they immediately target the photonic ships after losing sight of me, that's when I use that positioning to bring in my front arc, trac beam and kerplooey. Crf3 BO3 tcd.

Anywho It actually worked a couple times. Not on anyone noteworthy, but it worked none the less. So my point I guess is you can make things work sometimes. Most of the time it's the pilot, not so much the tools at his disposal.

See you on the battlefield.
I agree with fleet support so widely available now everyone in essence has a single photonic ship. I still think making a PF a visual and sensor ghost that makes dupes of your ship down tot eh targeting info.