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07-18-2011, 01:00 PM
Originally Posted by CapnLogan
Understood It's a change in business model for us too - and it's often an uncomfortable change to accept however in its defense it will increase the quality of the game by a lot and will guarantee a great deal of additional new content, IP accurate content, etc.

Paying extra money blows, I know... but I think it will up the bar of quality quite a bit. When Cryptic generates more money, it will have noticeable improvements upon the game

I'm glad so many people are on board with the c store model, even if they are on board reluctantly.
I've got my own opinions about micro-transactions, but without derailing this thread too much, I don't mind giving people who "make cool things that I like" a little extra money to "make MORE cool things that I like"

(Don't let the avatar fool you, that's just more of a spoof on the obnoxiously huge button on the launcher that was recently added.)

Regardless of how we get the ships, THANKS! for all of the cool work you do for STO!