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07-18-2011, 02:09 PM
I don't like the idea but talking about it can't hurt.

First your weapons only drain energy if you use 2 or more weapons right? So the same should be true for sci/eng powers. You only have your TB active? No drain. You only use ES? No drain and so on. Use HE and TSS at the same time and you have your drain.

Next point weapon powers comes back as soon as the firing cycle of the weapon is over. This would work for powers which have a duration like EWP, TSS... But what should you do with powers that have an instant effect? CPB for example. When should the power come back? Should it be back immediately after you use it? If yes a drain has no use at all. Should the time be taken from the GCD? This would in no way be fair compared to weapon drain until the drain is so low it has no relevance anyway.

Another point should all powers have an energy drain? If yes this has to be true for tac powers too. Not necessarily weapons power but one of the other three. For example attack patterns could drain engine power.

In the end I don't think an aux/shield/energy drain is worth the trouble. I would prefer diminished returns. For example 2 sci vessels use Tachyon beam against you both with an value of 500 (not necessarily a true number). Currently they would drain 1000 shields. In a system with diminished returns they might only drain 900 shields. But then you also have to ask why the same isn't true for normal weapons.
Another idea would be a system with resistance values maybe as passives of the sci skills like Starship Sensor Array. Or if you don't want to involve sci skills use the system we got with PSW. You get hit by a sensor power (SS, VM..) and after the duration is over you get a 10 second immunity (I would prefer a resistance only).

Disclaimer: All numbers used are only intended as example and should in no way be seen as hard data.