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So I'm cruising through Omega Leonis when the call came out over KDF Alliance that Ortha had an infestation of fed spawn campers. They were not advancing the objectives simply sitting on the spawn spot and killing people as they beamed in and spawned. Now being a Klingon the person experiencing this didn't rage quit and make a forum post. No he fought back, and so more came to camp. And this is when the tide changed, this is when the KDF showed its true strength and overcame.

The call went out, and the Alliance answered. The campers found themselves swarmed with an influx of new KDF beam ins, and though it was slow and hard they found themselves driven from the spawn point forced to retreat, and ultimately hunted down. Pride hurt and tails between their legs the insults flooded zone but the fact had been stamped in the annals of the Klingon Empire. We united, we coordinated, and we drove them back.

This stands as a lesson to all who PvP. Spawn camping is an annoyance, but it is not something not overcome. Coordinate, call on your allies, move the moment you can, buff, debuff, but fight. Let the unity of the KDF Alliance stand as a lesson. That unity and cooperation even in PUGs is a necessity for PvP. And we were a PUG, we came in the instance of a call, not an organized resistance, and we persevered. And that is something all who would otherwise put down their blade and complain for nerf should take to heart.