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07-18-2011, 01:51 PM
Tactical Escort:

No Cannon/Turret/Dual Beam points
No Torp Launchers
No Phaser strips
Fan tail gets coloured for no apparent reason.
Ventral hull patterns are asymmetrical, primarily on fantail.
Using Gallant or Vigilant nacelles obscures fleet logos

Canon Inconsistencies:

Defiant: Studio model

Missing dorsal spotlight (Name illumination)
Defiant (and variants) overscaled. They should be smaller than the Tier 1 Escorts
Canonical Defiants had quad cannons, why don't we?
No light showing ship's Name (This only appears a few times in DS9. Could be Optional?)
Bow section not curved / angled downwards enough - Comparison shots 1 2
Both nacelles need to be remodelled / repositioned in accordance with the studio model
Rear Nacelles glow not glowy enough (Material Type2a also much deeper blue)

Hey Logan, by chance have you put any thought into the Defiant yet? I know your busy, just curious.