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07-18-2011, 02:19 PM
Originally Posted by gsquaredncnp
I was thinking about trying out a cruiser since beam broadsides seem to be more effective for me, but the turn rate is even worse! lol.
Yes, but with a cruiser the only time you really have to worry about turn rate is when you need to show the enemy your nose or tail in order to get off torpedoes.

I have found that most players will try to get into a turning war with you, classic WWII dogfighting style, with each ship turning in toward the other one. This is fine for a little while if you are a cruiser. Turn with them and keep your broadside beams on them till their shield goes down, then reverse the turn and show them your tail firing aft torps. Or you could always use Evasive to get your nose on them. I've been running with more torp launchers in the rear for this purpose.