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Originally Posted by dvsaris View Post
Gotta pay to play folks. No reason to expect the most desirable stuff to come free with subscription. Remember, it's Ferengi Economics. If people want it, charge for it... if they aren't complaining about the price, charge more.

I think the Ambassador class is cool but don't know exactly where it would fit in the grand scheme of things. Obviously its smaller and less powerful than the Galaxy so it would have to be a CM level ship if any degree of canon was to be stuck to at all.

Perhaps this (and a few variants) would be a good replacement for those awkward 4 nacelled Cruisers.
Completely agree. C-Store is part of the Cryptic model. Its here to stay. As for where she fits... the excelsior and refit are in game as commander and rear admiral ships. The Ambassador is a newer ship that that, so im sure they can find a slot.

Originally Posted by Reina View Post
If it's possible then yes please, the Ambassador class is a very underrated, largely unsung design. Used one in Trek Legacy against the Romulans, not as powerful as a Galaxy or a Solveriegn but she can pull her punches and hold her own.
Anything is possible if we ask loudly enough!

Originally Posted by Floridaguy74656 View Post
Ambassador has to be tier 5 since it was the succesor class to Excelsior as the frontline federation cruiser and Excelsior Refit is already Tier 5.
Agreed. There is very much a place for her.

Originally Posted by kekvin85 View Post
I was hoping for a lil sooner then season 5 . She should def have a T5 Version. Thought they were going to save the ambasador for a FE series?
Well if we ask nicely and loudly enough it will be deemed more important (I hope!) There was mention of using the Ent C in a mission. BUT, who knows when that would be... I would like her in game before season 5!

Come on Devs! ( Capnlogan ) Shes the only Enterprise we cant captain! We have all the rest why is she missing!