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After reading around, it seems that I should switch up my Engineer. Should I switch out Aux to Structural Integrity II for Emergency Power to Shields III with all my healing abilities from my science officer? My thoughts have been since I have science powers meant to aid in keeping the shields up, I should go for a more balanced approach with multiple shield recharge powers and stronger Hull repairing powers. What's the best way to go to keep myself up?
First a word of warning. My head hurts so I am not really reading the thread. If what I am going to answer is already answered and/or answered better, please feel free to ignore me. Second I have been highly innactive for about 3 months. My knowledge on what works may not be entirely fitting for how the game plays these days. (I did however win a handful of PvP matches so at the very least I can brute force myself in to a win with poor skills)

Aux to SIF is an amazing ability that you should have as high as humanly possible on your ship(But only one copy of it due to global cooldown for it is the same as it's skill cooldown, so more then one copy is impossible to use at the same time.)

Personally I find that a balance of shield and hull healing abilities are useful. If you have to lean any direction I say lean towards shields. And try to lean towards stuff that can be used on yourself and allies. Transfer Shield Strength and Hazard Emitters are nice. I find that I get better use out of having Aux to SIF to spam on allies in need and one EPtS skill then possibly 2 EPtS skills. With all my healing and support abilities I simply do not die unless 2 or more uber ships, or simply their whole team, wishes it. Occasionally this does mean a Shield Battery too, though. But that is to simply keep the Shield Power setting high in between EPtS use (I only run one copy of it)