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07-18-2011, 03:49 PM
Originally Posted by KappaTau
All my fears realised. Bad news.
How long before this miraculous increase in game quality appears? You say any changes takes anywhere between months and years. So how many years will it be?

In my opinion S4 has been a systematic technical failure regards to bugs. Impressive for the small team you have but still, impressively bad for a lot of your paying customers. How will forcing people to give you more money help say within the next 2 months? I suspect I wont be around for that long. I've already given you all the help you are going to get and now you want more?

I am not a bottomless pit.

IP accurate content should be a gimme for a game based on an IP? What kind of statement is that? Are you saying that if you don't get the funds that you will just throw us any old rubbish?

I'm reminded of a recent event here in the UK.

There once was a football (soccer to you Americans) team called Manchester City. Never won anything and one day they were bought out by a very wealthy man. He pumped hundreds of million of pounds into the club and everybody said (including them) that this was the beginning of a new era - that dominance was on the way.

It didn't work. They are better, yes, but still didn't win a thing of note. They lost their 'heart' and they just threw money (fan's money) at every problem and created a Frankenstein's monster. All without winning. People still give them money because its the club (IP) that's in their own hearts and they want to see it succeed, all the while without success. The club is preying and relying on that.

I suspect you are going to go the same way. I am not just reluctant, I am disappointed and deeply upset at you all for allowing this. You could have made enough money another way, you could have had my money some other way and now you won't get any. You've chosen the quick and easy path and we all know where that leads...

You are a business. Yes we understand you need to make money but the IP is NOT yours and will be here a long time after your company ends. This is because of the fans who have it in their heart, not because of your business model.

Sad day to actually hear this. Kudos to your Logan for having the stones to lay it out flat on the table and not keep everyone in the dark like the rest of your team.
You have legitimate grievances sir. One major advantage to greater revenue will be the ability for me to increase the size of my team and create more content with higher accuracy.

Yes, IP consistency should be a given for a game like this, sadly when STO was in pre-production, and I was not a part of Cryptic, this was not the mentality. The game has paid a terrible price for this by alienating a massive part of the fan base, and since I've joined the team I've done everything I can to remedy this. Of course, I could always do more and will always do more, and the rate at which I CAN do more is dependent on my ability to try to make this game profitable. I desperately need at least one more person working with me...

Now that I've inherited the ship team as my own and have been promoted to ship lead, once the team staffs back up it will be my number 1 goal to ensure the bar is sufficiently raised with accuracy (to the greatest degree possible within limited game budgets) being my primary goal, consistency within the style of variants, and balance of content for KDF and Fed. Now that I am in charge, I can enforce this vision once I acquire a new ship artist or two... something that I push for every day.

So I give you my word that the bar will be raised and it will be raised within the year. I'd do it faster if I could, and I'm going to be sacrificing my lunch breaks to do fixes every day now... except Fridays... that's pizza day.


concerning your dissatisfaction with the c-store business model... I understand how this is unpleasant. I don't have time to present an argument in defense of the cstore model, but at least know that I agree with you to an extent, but I think that it will have its advantages... that is a discussion for another thread and another day. back to work