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07-18-2011, 04:00 PM
Originally Posted by CapnLogan
Some things I'm fixing today:

Discovery saucer cutting off edges of long names

Intrepid - grills behind Bussard collector are no longer glowy red, but silver
- removed name from underside of saucer
- corrected the aft phaser strips b eneath shuttle bay
- removed the extra opening on the spine of the saucer
- i removed the weapons hardpoints from the saucer... all nodes will still fire from where they were... but hte hardpoints are gone now.
-fixed the shape of the cowling around the aft shuttlebay
-added the running strips to the shuttle bay entrance
-added the indentations on the spine of the secondary hull

Cochrane - no shuttlebay fixed

Cochrane - horrible stretching on saucer fixed

This is all I have time for on this series of ships for now.... I'd do more but i really must move on if I want to do more fixes to other ships as well later in my schedule. This ate my lunch break today

Considering how this thread is reminiscient of a Hydra (cut off one head it sprouts 2 more) I'm sure I'll be back for more Intrepid series fixes later on.

*I don't know when these fixes will get patched in... within a month for sure.
You're a star, Matey... Thanks for listening to my concerns over the stretching on the Cochrane Saucer.

My only gripe now is (sorry to me nit-picking) the impulse engines on the Cochrane and Discovery saucers, they're redundant and would love a re-modelling to remove them if you could pull some of your magic.