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07-18-2011, 04:01 PM
Originally Posted by redleader View Post
Did you fix the missing starboard navigation light?


Really hope so, because when i didn't know about it I played for months without noticing. Since someone told me about it, it seems it is the first thing that jumps to my sight
lol *****! ok i'll get that too

Originally Posted by Strorus
You're a star, Matey... Thanks for listening to my concerns over the stretching on the Cochrane Saucer.

My only gripe now is (sorry to me nit-picking) the impulse engines on the Cochrane and Discovery saucers, they're redundant and would love a re-modelling to remove them if you could pull some of your magic.

NP friend, sorry though I can't take off those engines... they are very very very beloved by many