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07-18-2011, 05:28 PM
Originally Posted by Foxrocks
It wouldn't work for a lot of different reasons.

Weapon systems and BOff powers are definitely not remotely analogous. Weapons have a minimal cooldown. BOff powers, especially science and engineering powers have much longer cooldowns. That is the inherent balancing factor in them right there.
Yes, but you have a whole lot of abilities and only a couple of weapon skills (two for each type of weapons, beams, cannons, torpedos, mines)

This is the same reason a miss chance on heals is absurd. Weapons miss, so what, you probably hit in the next cycle. Heal misses, and you wait 30-45s till it comes off cooldown.
Well.. If youre playing a Eng SC for example you can have atleast 6 hullheals.. Two ETeams, two HEs, ASIF and MW.. Four of these can be used right after eachother.

When in a team, you can have up to 30 heals (assuming a 5 SC group)

Those cooldowns are also why power drain would be irrelevant in many cases. So I use CPB 3 and drain 60 power... so? That power will come back long before I can use another CPB 3, or CPB 1/2.
Yes, but you cannot use a full strenght CPB3 followed by a full strenght PSW, followed by HE and TSS.. Yes, the power would come back fast, but spam the powers too fast and youll just weaken each consequtive power.

The idea that it should somehow impact survivability via draining power needed for heals, however is highly questionable. Afterall, weapons don't drop your shields every time you fire, so why should a science ship be forced to choose between offense and defense?
Because a Escort does the same.. The very nature of Escorts are offense over defense.. Furthermore, Escorts are highly dependent on power.. The weapons dont drop your shield power, but they do drop your weapons power..

Tell me this: Why should SV and Cruiser captains have *no* reason to consider quality over quantity? Why should they be able to use any ability without cost, and a ship cannot fire two weapons without a cost?

But seriously if 3 ships spam heals on one, well gee... those other three are now vulnerable aren't they? Tunnel vision is bad. But that situation would not even be affected by a power drain either.
Ofcourse the situation would be affected, its just a matter of have a cost that will be noticable.