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07-18-2011, 04:35 PM
Originally Posted by CapnLogan
concerning your dissatisfaction with the c-store business model... I understand how this is unpleasant. I don't have time to present an argument in defense of the cstore model, but at least know that I agree with you to an extent, but I think that it will have its advantages... that is a discussion for another thread and another day. back to work
I think I'll chime in here, and say that the problem is not so much with the C-Store model, but how it's being used. I once tried to articulate this to Rekhan and one of the other devs back when they used the IRC channel, but the consistant trend in STO has been that it's a a Star Trek Game....but only if you buy the additional Star Trek content from the C-Store. If you want the uniforms, the ships, the weapons, etc. that you remember from Star Trek, you are funneled right into the C-Store, and told to pay extra.

In short, Cryptic should not consistently be taunting the playerbase with recognizable Star Trek content, and then throwing it behind the C-Store window. Folks who buy and subscribe to Star Trek Online reasonably expect to have sufficient Star Trek in their Star Trek game; without paying extra. This has not really been the case since launch, and almost all Canon IP content introduced since then has been locked into the C-Store.

A seperate but similar argument can, should, and is made towards adding content to the KDF faction; Until they start approaching the kind of options and depth-of-play that one has on the Starfleet side, it is not reasonable to hold your hat out to the degree that's been implied here; Namely, that if you want ANY customization options for your KDF ships, they will cost extra.

We understand there's a Business going on here, and I personally sympathize with what comes off as fustration at needing more staff to get things like that done, but there's the Axiom of needing to spend money to make money, and Cryptic doesn't seem to be familiar with it. Trying to introduce a new player to the game right now is a daunting task, because they'll ask what all those locked symbols in the character creator mean; When I explain that all those canon uniform parts they want to use all cost extra, they quickly lose interest in subscribing.

The Nickel & Dime mentality that's currently dominating content releases like this is just incredibly fustrating, and almost insurmountable when it comes to getting friends or anyone else interested in playing.