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07-18-2011, 05:42 PM
Originally Posted by CapnLogan
Might as well post screenies of the fix along with a new material that's coming dow nthe pipe

Also just re-UV'd the top of the saucer so there's no windows overlapping those weird thingies on the texture... you know the window looking thingies on all the textures that I cannot explain a purpose for?

I know It'll be fixed in the next patch. Tell your friends.
CapnLogan, thanks. But there's one more thing (I hate to sound like that person). The underside of the saucer shouldn't look like it does. It should be one 'bowl' like shape with one row of windows (being the only lit things). It's in the main summary page of this thread which contains the reference shots. In essence, the forward two rows of lights shouldn't exist (only the one closest to the aerowing shuttle).

Edit to add: The underside should look like this: ventral saucer. Right now, it looks like it has 3 wedges or planes stacked on top of each other. It should roughly look like the underside of a triangular spoon stacked under a much larger inverted spoon (the dorsal section of the saucer). Yes, they fashioned the ship after a spoon (ask the ship designers).

That said, it definitely looks better.