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07-18-2011, 05:57 PM
Maybe it's just that this game reminds me a lot of Babylon 5, plot-wise, and Riker reminds me of Sheridan, minus the religious angle, but this is why I said awhile back that I could see a scenario where all the candidates turn out to be Undine and Riker runs. He's kinda the Captain America of the Federation and his wife is a prominent diplomat... and if they want to play up the state of affairs with the wars, Riker would really symbolize that by having a staunchly strategic military man in the position, he had sortof a Reagan/Clinton charm, and he's militaristic without being a buzzcut drill sergeant type, which might seem untrustworthy.

Beyond that, I always felt like he was being setup for bigger things but he never got to command the Enterprise... And he's not likely to command Earth Space Dock at this point, and 40 years of commanding the Titan seems like plenty. Riker needs a new role. For me, he'd make a fine Federation President and that would keep his role relatively small at the same time so that Cryptic could hopefully use Frakes but wouldn't ever be locked into NEEDING to use him beyond a single round of voiceover.