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07-18-2011, 08:01 PM
Short term
-Add a left/right click function to the zone/sector maps so left click zooms to the zone you are clicking on and right click zooms out to the sector space map.

Mid term
-Total spacestation/ship/common-area map revamp! Make it look nice and add names so I know where specific areas are. Also, I don't need nor want to know where anyone is on these maps. If the person I am looking for is in the admirals office, I only need to know where the admirals office is. It makes no sense that I just "know" where people are as long as they are on my end of the station.

which leads me to
-Add numerous wall displays that you can ask where a certain person is located. It will have a list of all NPC officers on duty and tell you what section of the area they a located in. This is how it's always been done in Star Trek. Why stop now?
"Computer, locate ______"
"______is in the Admirals Office"

-Updating all tooltips to describe how powers specifically interact with each other. The time I spend on the web trying to figure out what helps what is time I don't enjoy.

-Give the option to describe unknown system explorations as either ground or space based missions. Or better yet give the option to turn off random space or ground missions so that you can just do one or the other if you so desire. If I want to do a specific type of mission, I need to load another screen to find out if It's the type I want. I end up zoneing out of the instance if it's not what I want; which means two more loading screens of trying my luck. Sometimes this means 5 or 7 or even 9 loading screens extra. I don't know about anyone else but I do this a fair amount. It might not be in the spirit of the game but I do it non the less.

Long term
-Make sector space a single map. I know that's a really big one but it would make a huge huge difference in the quality of the immersion experience.