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07-18-2011, 07:38 PM
I've been holding out on you. A pet peeve of mine has cropped up in game. The windows on the Nebula and Galaxy variants at T4 and T5 have some warped window issues. Annoying, but I rarely look under the ship (but when I do...). This appears to be on the shared saucer component.

T4 Advanced Research Science Vessel Retrofit (Magellan Variant)

T5 Exploration Cruiser Retrofit (Monarch Variant)

Oh, and if you ever get a chance: (angel, note I moved this one to imgur... haven't moved any of my other ones yet)
I know it needs a lot of love to bring it in line, but someday... I hope...

And CapnLogan, if you're spending your lunch breaks doing polish fixes, you let me know. I will buy you lunch (you know, one time... I'm not made of money!)