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07-18-2011, 09:29 PM
Originally Posted by CapnLogan
I'm making a new variant for every BoP below tier 5. Should be done with BoP's by early next week.

Next up is cruisers, then Battleships... maybe a carrier.

I've started pushing the idea of a KDF flagship too... it won't be a huge crazy contest and stuff like the new Enterprise is, but nonetheless as far as STO is concerned it'll be a big deal. It's my top priority for my next schedule. If everything goes my way I'll have a KDF flagship in the works by September...

if you quote me on this, please also include that my statements are unofficial and it 's just something that I'm personally trying to push for, and not something that I a actually get to decide. But I think it'll happen.
Not to get too far off topic of this thread, but this quote was just pointed out to me by a fellow dedicated KDF member...
How can we, the dedicated Klingon players, help in this endevor?
How could we influence the powers that be to let you run with this idea ASAP?
Maybe even get you help on the project to make it happen faster?
To use a popular political tactic, maybe we could form a STO/KDF-PAC/Super PAC of sorts?
Bribes...? today's harsh economical times that may be harder to achieve...:p
You have the full support of KBF (all 6-7 of us left) and I'm sure the entire dedicated Klingon playerbase, all whatever % it is this week.
You have but to ask, my sword is yours, sir.