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07-18-2011, 11:27 PM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
That's actually an interesting idea. Playing with it in my own head, if we had 3 candidates, and each proposed peace with a different faction as a solution to the multi-front war problem, that might be interesting.

Candidate A proposes redoubling efforts to bring Cardassia into the Federation by devoting resources to appease the skeptics on Cardassia, including total amnesty for the True Way and providing them with a planet and full access to Federation weapons technology in order to let them carve out a new Cardassian Empire.

Candidate B proposes recognizing the Klingons' territorial gains, appeasement even if it means the loss of vital resources, and giving Klingons the authority to weed out Undine in Federation space, in effect deputizing the KDF as a recognized policing authority in Federation space

Candidate C proposes devoting resources to nation building in the anarchic remains of the Romulan Empire, setting up one of the more charismatic remaining leaders as head of a sovereign Romulan Star Empire in exchange for the leader's cooperation with the Federation's wars, with Federation providing humanitarian aid and even a genesis device to provide a new Romulan capital.

All three are offering a radical shift in alliances and questionable tactics that involve potentially costly compromises. There is NO boring, sensible candidate. There is no easy solution. The Federation will ally with the Romulans, Klingons, or Cardassians in what amounts to a sweeping appeasement strategy and the only choice is which one we go with.
that's an AWEFUL idea.

if cryptic gave us those three canidates only I would invent a 4th canidate and openly campaign for everyone to vote by making a post saying they supported the 4th canidate.
who the $%^% wants to see the federation pretty much kneel down and kiss some lesser powers feet?

besides the Federation hardly needs to appease the true way. the true way after the "Cardassian arc" is pretty hurting.