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07-19-2011, 12:25 AM
Originally Posted by KBFLordKrueg View Post
Not to get too far off topic of this thread, but this quote was just pointed out to me by a fellow dedicated KDF member...
How can we, the dedicated Klingon players, help in this endevor?
How could we influence the powers that be to let you run with this idea ASAP?
Maybe even get you help on the project to make it happen faster?
To use a popular political tactic, maybe we could form a STO/KDF-PAC/Super PAC of sorts?
Bribes...? today's harsh economical times that may be harder to achieve...:p
You have the full support of KBF (all 6-7 of us left) and I'm sure the entire dedicated Klingon playerbase, all whatever % it is this week.
You have but to ask, my sword is yours, sir.
LOL I appreciate your passion on this - I've already started a thread simply asking what would be a good flagship that has recieved something like 400+ replies already...

it's something that I've already pushed for and the community obviously wants. Within the next month I'll be sitting down with the team while we decide what will be scheduled in our next block and this is high priority for me. It's looking very promising as of right now but I cant confirm yet.