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07-19-2011, 07:44 AM
Originally Posted by Yreodred
The point is not just to win a battle, but to win with honor.
Jam haddar can win battles too, they don't care for honor, klingons (should) do.
Game mechanics should urge players to play less like jem haddar (or duras ).
Just my opinion.

Live long and prosper.
Not to continue the whole ethics debate, but the whole "that is not honourable therefore klingons cant do it" argument is really starting to get on my nerves with STO.

Klingons, and especially the concept of Klingon Honour, is nowhere near as black and white as people seem to think. That is precisely why even Klingons themselves often have difficulty understanding what is, or is not, considered "honourable".

As it stands, whether or not cloaking during combat is "honourable" is dependant on the reasoning behind doing it.

If you're cloaking specifically to run from a fight then yes its more romulan and less klingon. However, if you're using it as a tool to regroup and prepare a second strike, which is precisely what the majority of klingon players use it for, then it is indeed an honourable use of the cloak. There is no honour in just running in and dieing either, so if you use a decloak, attack, and recloak in an effort to find a weakness before beginning your actual strike, then that too is also an honourable use.

Point is, there are a hundred different ways at looking at it with just as many scenarios being honourable as there dishonourable. That distinction between the two is the Klingon holly grail.

As far as the B'Rel's cloak is concerned, it doesn't matter how you dress it up, Feds are always going to complain that it's overpowered and unfair which is precisely why it has wound up in the sorry mess that it is currently in.

In my opinion we should stop looking for excuses as to why a small ship is as powerful as a T5 ship needs to be, and simply give the B'Rel exactly the same stats as the Hegh'Ta. If it really needs a unique ability, then give it the following;

Periscope - Captain takes hold of the periscope
Gives the BoP increased damage for x-seconds

Everything would then be fine and balanced.