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07-19-2011, 10:33 AM
Originally Posted by Forgotten-Nemesis View Post
The Gal-X is a bit of a quandary as it has already been buffed. It has the Galaxy-R's tank with a cloak and a special weapon, and yet players still say it's underpowered. I don't think it deserves a Lt. Cmdr tactical boff due to the phaser lance being rather like Beam Overload 3. Its problems stem from its weaponry being useless on such a slow turning platform. I think the best way to refit would be:

-1 Engineer console, +1 Tactical console
+1 Turn rate
Phaser lance does not equal Lt.cmd tactical slot all. Everyone who would extensively fly the ship would take APO 1 anyway. And even if there was just BO3, i would take it over phaser lance any day.

galaxy-X is "not" underpowered when you look on the setup, its "underpowered" because whole pvp mechanic favours higher turn rates. Ship with just -1 turn rate is at much greater disadvantage than it gets back in that extra crew level, which is poooof after few torpedoe hits, which especially in KvF and the thousands of torpedoes produced by the swarms of NPCs.

The best treatment Galaxy-X could use is....

Lt.cmd tactical
En. tactical
Cmd. Engineering
Lt. enginering
Lt. science

battlecruiser powerlevels to +10 weapons/+10 engines, instead classic cruiser power levels.
cloak made as tactical console, and extra tactical console on it.

I would keep the lowest of lowerst turn rate and its crew level as compensation.

It would still a good forward burst cruiser, same as excelsior is good broadside beam cruiser.

I would also change the phaser lance. 4 hits instead 2, and half the dmg proportionally. I hate one-shooting people, and tacticals can drive the dmg pretty high. with this, it would be high burst, but not one shot, as it would profit less from tactical abilities and would not make one super crit attack. Oh and i would boost its accuracy rating by 10%, so it justifies the long cooldown.

Its a refit made for war, not picking flowers and digging bacterias from long dead asteroids.