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07-19-2011, 10:07 AM
Yeah, I would not be in favor of anything that makes Science vessels irrelevant.

Some people, like me, like the gameplay options of a class that deals with control abilities. It fits my play style and predilections way better than Tactical and Engineering officers do.

I like to think of Science officer abilities as a combination of medical technology and electronic warfare abilities.

It's not about an "I Win!" button. It's about adding elements that can change the nature of a battle by strengthening friendlies' capabilities or weakening/disrupting the capabilities of the enemy. It can also sometimes alter the flow of combat enough to give friendlies a chance to recover or change tactics that they wouldn't get otherwise.

Too bad if that messes with somebody's Alpha Strike adrenalin rush, or stops instanuke attacks in their tracks. I'm not calling for nerfs on those, so why should Science get short shrift?