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07-19-2011, 10:56 AM
I have flown the Varranus as an Engineer, basically a DSSV with a useless special ability. My ships weapons are primarily phasers arrays, with some torpedoes. Disruptors also work well on a science vessel. As the Varranus is a Science Vessel, it gets the Sensor Analysis ability. Just wish the Repair Platforms and Drones, were not so useless.

It has a set up of a bit of healing via Hazzard Emitters, Transfer Shield Strength, Science & Engineering Teams. Also some CC with Tractor Beam Repulsors, Assimilated Tractor Beam, Viral Matrix and Tykens Rift. Might switch out, Tykens for Energy Siphon for single target draining with Assimilated Tractor Beam.

Then some damage resists with Attack Pattern Delta, Polarize Hull, Auxilary to Structural Integrity, and Emergency Power to Shields. Coupled with the Engineering Support, Miracle Worker, and Rotate Shield Frequency from Engineering skills.

Flown this set up in various STFs, usually as the main healer/support vessel. As others are usually dps orientated. Always handy poping miracle worker, surviving to heal others in your team or throw around some crowd control. Repulsors, did come in handy pushing a exploding Tactical Cube, into another Cube and support craft. Seeing a glorious chain reaction of exploding ships.

Not sure about the shield scrubber build, if phasers or tetryons fit that build. All depends on skill points cost effectiveness. Same goes for the energy drainer build, if using polarons are viable in combination with those science skills.

Best thing to do, is copy your toon over to tribble. Find someone to test out various builds and weapon types with. Then you can get accurate feedback on what your ability combos and weapons are having.

If your lucky, then you might get the science boffs you need via rewards or exchange. Otherwise you will be dependent on friendly Science Officer players to train those skills you need.