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i have to say i am most concerned with the crushing lack of endgame content. for a game that levels as quickly as STO, it has none of the dynamic endgame content of say DC Online. we need this, because STO is bleeding players hard, if my own fleet is any indication.

-Unlockables! give us things to unlock: ships/costumes/skins/uniforms. even if they cost hundreds of Emblems or require several already achieved goals [ambassador/member of section 31/etc.]. special unlocks will keep people coming back to see what else they can achieve.
-replay missions improved. some of the replay equipment has been fantastic. but not all. some has left some of us just wondering why we would want it.
-Achievements. [not sure if this would fall into a Mid-Term goal or a Short-Term] again, don't mean to keep using DCO's example but they have a grate idea. give skill points for getting achievement points. DCO lets you keep level your skills by using achievement points after you reach cap. it is a set number of achievement points = 1 skill up, but it gives continuing end content to cap'ed players.
-Enemy Signal Contacts and Empire Defences. nothing more then a bit of randomization needs to be done to these maps. they are all the same with the exact same spawns in the same places. just mix them up a bit. if i'm a klingon, i will see that same map 50 times. just once would i love it to be layed out differently.

-STF's. i'm sure everyone has mentioned it too. we need lots more of these.
-Disputed Territory a single aria control map would be fun, give each faction [current/future/NPC] key systems to control and win. give players more then one way to win systems over. fight it out with the other factions or use diplomacy to sway a system to your political view. this would give feds an even footing with the klingon's [klingon's fight harder, fed's can diplomacy to make up the difference]
-Enemy Signal Contacts. we already have a system for random enemy attacks in sector space, but doing more with it would be nice. give end content players reasons to help out in these fights. make the ESC's have a grater meaning to the game as a whole. rescues/holding actions/assist/assault missions are all in the base content and could be expanded to mean something grater in the ESC's done in sector space.
-Unique Gear. i would love to see ships mounting odd-ball items. things you don't expect to see or run into. limited invulnerability shields, capture webs, short warp jump systems, odd weapons and deflector style beams that have strange effects on ships. make them extremely expensive or hard to get items [emblems/achievements]. but it will mix up things in PvP and also give end content users a reason to put time into building their own custom ship builds.


-Klingons. finish the klingons. they are the other half of the story regarding the war. they also would be a good jumping off point for more content with the Iconions.
-Random Rare Spawns. every so often have a rare enemy spawn in sector space encounters. give these mobs grate item drops and their defeat a barring on the game as a whole. [oops the borg fleet made it to earth, supplies are limited for the next 24 hours while earth rebuilds after the fight].

thank you for your time, and i can't wait to see what new content you guys at the dev teams come up with next!