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# 5 My favourite defensive
07-19-2011, 12:59 PM
Class: TAC / SCI/ ENG
Tactic: Defensive / Offensive
Description: If you are looking to play a more support role the the following combo will heal amost any ally under duress. TSS grants a large shield regen and small shield damage resistance buff. The higher your aux the better the transfer, so swop to a high aux power setting, and pop an aux. battery for the AtSIF, which grants a small hull heal and medium damage resistance. HE will give your ally a large hull regen, small damage resistance, as well as a hazard debuff cleanse. ENG, well that speaks for itself right

Skills: e.g TSS II + ENG III + HE I + AtSIF III (get your EptS III handy for when you come under attack)

TSS is affected by:
Starship Operations Training
Starship Deflectors
Starship Deflector Field

Engineering is affected by:
Engineering Team Leader
Starship Engine Maintenance
Starship Hull Repair

HE is affected by:
Starship Emitters
Starship Hazard System
Starship Operations Training

AtSIF is affected by:
Starship Engineering Training
Starship Auxiliary Systems Maintenance
Starship Auxiliary Systems Performance