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07-19-2011, 01:06 PM
Originally Posted by drkfrontiers
Class: TAC / SCI/ ENG
Tactic: Defensive / Offensive
Description: This is a great combo to use when you have situational awareness of possible counters. It's a burst attack so your window of opportunity is small. Tactical Fleet confers All Damage strength for 30 secs, as well as boosts your Starship Attack Vectors for 30 secs; Go down fighting increases your Damage strength for 60 secs (scaled damage buff); Attack Pattern Alpha gives you a combination of +30 (60%) Base Damage strength for 30 sec, +2% (4%) Critical Chance for 30 sec, +20% (40%) Critical Severity for 30 sec, +80% Flight Turn Rate strength for 30 sec

Skills: e.g Tactical Fleet + Gone down fighting + Attack Pattern Alpha + Cannon Rapid Fire III (HYT III as soon as shields go down)

Critique welcome!
Don't have the numbers but the preferred combo is
tactical initiative-TF-GDF-FOMM-APA-APO-CRF2 then HYT1 or 2. If you have cloak you also get a bonus.

A nice secondary is

APB-CRF2-HYT1 or 2 while APA is still running.