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07-19-2011, 01:43 PM
If they do bring this ship in it will hopefully be at T3 for Cruisers as just a normal ship, no silly special abilities or any reason to make players have to pay extra energy credits to get if it fhey want it instead of one of those god awful 4 nacelled monsters. Would like to see them add this with the Excelsior, but make it so that your ship token works on the Excelsior. Take away the Transwarp function and the extra BO and consoles for the normal Excelsior and let the players use it for free, C-store is making plenty of money on the retrofit T5 version as is. There is no way that players should have to pony up 50,000+ energy credits for wanting to fly a ship that doesn't look like a giant POS at the Cmdr level.

Put the Excelsior in as normal T3 along with the Ambassador and then leave one of the 4 nacelled cruisers with the 3 skins so any of the people who actually like those ships can still use them. That way you can fly the "Enterprise" at each tier level.