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2. The Basics- Why They Do What They Do:
The truth is Your BOs are part of your Character! No really! How effective their skills are is directly linked to where your skill points are spent. So you need to know how to spend your points to get the most effect. To do so you should refer to here: STO Academy Skill Planner
Simple select the powers in question and see which groups are highlighted.
Alternatively you can check The Skill Spread Sheet

2.1 Behavior:
So BO acts a certain way based up their abilties. This can often seem random and/or mysterous, but it important to remember you are the boss and they will do what you tell them!!!
Take a look at your BOs UI on the top you see 6 buttons
The first one from the left, a little Pyramid with a circle, sets all BOs to Passive, if you hit this, your BO will not attack, though they will buff and heal still.
The secound is a X it restores your BO to basic Attack functions (IE they will act normaly according to their powers.)
The third is very important a little Target Retical sets your BOs to attack your target (See CAMT),
The fourth a little V with Invereted Pyramid on top, sets a Rally point where all your BO will go.
The fifth has no effect on BO and is leave the team.
The sixth one lets you set how to display BO powers.
Remember that you can also now drag BO powers from their trays and place them in your Action tray.
From there look down the left side, See those Three little Icons next to each of your BOs? They are similar to the button above but effect only the BO next to it. From the top down, the First is an X which does the same as the X above, the next is Attack my target for just that BO, and last is way points sending your BO to where ever you placed that BO. Left clicking will undo that placement and return your BO to following you.
Pay attention to way points, mastering use of those controls allows for easy creation of crossfire, particularly when combined with the Pause Button.

Now you Understand the way BOs can be controlled and why they do what they do.