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3. Abilities- Do That Thing You Do:
So now for the center of this Discussion.
The Majority of Abilities can be learned at the skill trainer located at ESD or First City, a smaller number are only trainable by PC Captians, a smaller number still only come from Rare or Very Rare BOs. Remember that skill ranks are independent of the BO Rank it occupies.
3.1 Keywords- AoE (Area of Effect), Buffs, Clear, Cover, CC (Crowed Control), Damage, Debuffs, Exploits, Exposes, Fragile, Holds, Interrupt, Movement, Heal, KB (knock back), XoT (Overtime), Pet, Roots, Resistance, RS (Restore Shield), Stealth, Threat.
Name of Abilitiy- # Ranks: BO Rank: T,PC,R (T=Trainer, PC-PC trainable, R-Rare BO)- Followed by Keywords
Notes: This list is drawn from the observed list on ESD and from the exchange.
Please post an additions you have below so I can update it. TY!