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4. Traits- Some Are Just Born With It:
Most traits are passive bonuses to various categories of stat.
With a few exceptions traits come in one of three levels, Basic, Normal, Superior. Values list below are for Normal Level, with Basic being reduced, and Superior being Increased. BO rarity is directly related to traits, the rare the BO the more likely they are to have superior traits. A few Rare traits have cool downs, that offer special abilities, these Abilities do not show up on the ability bar. Some of these traits are however very powerful. Beware the power of Superior Seduce!! (Sadly only the klink get this)

The goal of Course is to pick those traits that will complement your play style and the given BOs purpose the best. Traits like Seduction, and Placate should not be underestimated, it amazing how useful they can be. Several of these list below are only available on a couple particular BOs, namely the Reman, the Breen and the Borg BO. Pay attention to your BOs powers, as they can be very effective.