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07-19-2011, 03:06 PM
Ground Traits Continued:
Blindsense- +15 to Perception Immunity to Perception Debuff

Borge Nerual Blast- Hold Doesn't break stealth

Cold Dwelling- +30 Cold Resistance, +30 Run speed resistance, +30 Root Resistance

Cryo Eyebeam- Cold Damage Attack (On Use)

Mental Burst- Psychic Attack

Mental Discipline- +15 Psychic Resistance, +20 Confuse Resistance, +20 Placate Resistance

Pacifist- -30% to Threat, +7.5 hit points healed

Project Image-

Resilient +5 Energy Resistance, +5 Physical Resistance

Soldier- +5% to Energy Damage +10% Crit Severity

Stubborn- +40 Run speed Resistance +20 Stun Resistance +50 Placate Resistance

Telepathic +10 Perception +1.5% expose Chance

Klingon Empire Only Traits:
Bite- Damage Physical and poison attack (On Use)

Pirate- +2% to all damage +10 to stealth

Rapture- Psychic Attack (On Use)

Reptilian Strength- +17.5% melee Damage +17.5 Knock Back Resistance

Seduce- Confuse Enemy (On Use)

Seductive- +20 Confuse resistance -10% threat Generation +20 Placate Resistance