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07-19-2011, 03:07 PM
5. Equipment- Guns and Gear:
All your BO should always carry the best available Hypos, they use them reliably, and its very helpful. Tribbles are optional but never a bad idea, equip per role. Borg Remodulator, if your fighting borg. If your not using it on your PC, I recommend the CRF200 Freeze gun for one of your BOs. It not always the best weapon but its amazing when it finally fires and the whole enemy team is suddenly exposed.
Beyond that make sure you hand out weapons that will fit their purpose, if all your BOs powers expose make sure they have an exploit weapon, if many of your BO powers Exploit make sure they have an Expose Weapon. I also recommend weapons with High base dps.

Armor- This will be left up to the ground combat discussions.