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07-19-2011, 03:09 PM
While I'm repeating my notion that it's nice they give older ships some representation, it's annoying me to high heaven that their additions are coming at the expense of new ships.

This game is supposed to be set in 2409.

NX Class: 260 years old
Constitution: 170 years old
Excelsior: 130 years old
Ambassador: 80 years old

And yes, even my beloved Sovereign can be piled on to the heap at 40 years old. (2370)

Honestly... Yes, everyone has their favourite ship, but why the heck are we still dordling in the 24th (and 23rd!!) century, when this entire game is screaming to move forward in to the 25th?

I'd personally love to see Cryptic make new classes as a matter of priority (and do them well, for pete's sake) with any spare time being given over to the Warhorses.