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07-19-2011, 04:05 PM
Such things exist already, but it's not like every power, console, weapon and piece of equipment is mapped out for them. It's really a culmination of a couple of ideas and how the games works.

Instead of a carefully constructed build that is copied across tons of players, we instead have a great number of individual builds that perform similar roles with similar tools. These builds are built around only a few powers, sort of the "winning combo" for the builds, and the most successful ones are the ones that have two or more of these combinations of powers, that allow a certain amount of flexibility within these "archetypes".

So what we have are the "what works well" builds, like a "Harasser" build, which is built around Speed Debuffs (Replusor/Tractor Beams, Gravity Well), and Power Debuffs (Tyken's Rift, Target Subsystem), or a "Disabler" build, built around shield drains/Phaser Proc/Target Shields and Photonic Shockwave. It's not that these builds are the archetypes, but the powers that lie at the core of the build.