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# 1 July 23rd OPVP Escort Event
07-19-2011, 06:01 PM
Hey everyone,

so because everyone liked the pug event on Saturday, we are going to hold the escort event this Saturday July 23rd at 1:30pm EST.

The rules are the same:

-No Scramble III (:p)
-No Mines
-No Harpengs
-No Scorpions
-No Extends

You guys know this already.

Ship selection includes:

-Fleet Escort
-Tactical Refit
-Advanced Escort (*NO MVAM, NO MVAM CONSOLE*)

Because there are no shockwaves, there will also be no extend shields allowed.

Teams will be random once again. Join the Qew Team Speak at around 1pm EST....

Team Speak 3 - no password

Sign up below or send me a mail.