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07-19-2011, 07:42 PM
Originally Posted by Beltoram
I've been paying attention and if you read the latest Engineering Report that dstahl posted ( PvP is getting some love

In Development:

- Adding consensual open PVP melee areas to social maps (Andoria, Vulcan, Qo'noS, Rura Penthe)

Upcoming Season 4 update:

- New PVP Map with Feature Episode Series 4 (King of the Hill)
- Repurposing some Feature Episode maps as new PVP maps

Its too early to talk about the Season 5 update listed in the Engineering Report, "Territory Control Game." But Ground PvP is getting some love for Season 4. Also as I've said in other threads, some of the issues that players have voiced their concerns about are being looked into by myself and some other devs, particularly spawn camping (This was one of the very first things I brought up even from when S4 hit Tribble.) I'm out to try and make your ground PvP experience even better!
Thanks for the response, and I know we all look forward to see your changes in action!! Any idea on when these changes might be up on tribble?

Oh, and one other thing I remembered form back in the mechwarrior days. They had a couple of different modes to play in there too. When creating a match you had the option to lock everyone in one mode or another or let people choose. The mode lock was put in level the playing field, and minimize the advantages people had over one another. All the big tournaments were locked into one of the modes. Would be neat to see something similar here too!!!