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I do not recall anyone ever asking for a whole new ground system. S4 is a major disapointment as far as I'm concerned. I do not like, use, or will ever see that the new grnd system is an upgrade. It is horrible period. When you have a VA toon that has all MKXI gear and in two shots by a hunter initiate, is dead, this is an upgrade? Really? The grnd game has been ruined period. If you play in the Classic mode, try switching between weapons, then click your tray to select stnd pattern or bolt spray, Your toon stands there and dies in 3 shots or less in most cases. All the while, he is pointing his weapon at the target, like a statue. Great jobs guys, great job. I am an STF vet and have done them many times. I refuse to even try with this so called new system. Hint, IT WAS NOT BROKE< DON"T FIX IT. All people asked for was new mission strings and content, you gave a no way to win situation that borders on impossible. Thank you so much. Hypos are worthless, charges are worthless. Again Great job. The new graphic features are great, we did not ask for them. We asked for new daily missions and storylines. New things to see and acheive. Not the ruination of what was a fine ground system to begin with. If I had not already paid for a "lifetime", they would not get another dime, period. EQ and WOW, did this kinda stuff, you see where it got them. Get ready to join them. I don't need three items to list here, only one. Stop ruining the game I love. Learn what the Star Trek franchise is about ( discovery and exploration), Then realize, this is not DOOM or Quake. First person shooters need not aplly here. GET IT.... Enough people are ready to pull out and have had it. Save the best online game ever and stop trying to be something you're not...