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07-20-2011, 09:19 AM
Dear readers,

Terradome has had its history... +) I even ran it all the way to the bugged end (not quite finished, though..) before it's fixed during Season 3. After the fix, it wasn't perfect, but it was a decently enjoyable mission.

Some friends and I tried it yesterday. After 5-6 attempts defending the engineers, it seemed to me that the mission is possible, but what you could call "out of line" with the other STFs, now.
One of our attempts was very close to being successful.


Some of the heavier hitting enemies are a bit much to deal with. That, and/or there are too many of the heavier hitting Undine. I think a little edit on this section would, again, make the entire mission playable (as mentioned, the rest of this mission wasn't altered in any way for Season 4). At least the rest of the mission can't be failed in such a big way =)

*Semi-old/current note: I didn't see it this time(s), but before Season 4 I'm almost positive that I saw the map fail upon the deaths of players, even though their engineer was still alive. And this didn't always happen, but sometimes. I think if some damage does get toned down, or enemies removed, that this would be worth a once-over verification (People could die, run back... if they make it, not fail.. etc).

I do look forward to trying it again, at least once (whether a patch is made or not). I do hope a tiny update comes for this one, though. The mission is pretty cool, silly bugs aside.