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07-20-2011, 10:09 AM
Originally Posted by SteveHale View Post
The Defiant should not have the cloak, none of the Fed ships should, but this thread isn't about taking it away for everyone. I'll admit to being a bit short sighted, I just wanted to have the option myself to fly around without the Cloak and without gimping myself (i.e. if the Cloak came at the expense of the Eng Console, it should be given back if the Cloak was disabled). I feel like the other escorts are different enough that this shouldn't impact them too much but I'm not the numbers guy. I'll concede that this could create some issues.
The only comment I can really make to this is that there are other escort options avaiable at that teir. The "Refit" classes contained a uniqe ability of each of its main Canon ships. The Defiant could cloak, the Enterprise saucer seperated, and Voyager was able to deploy Ablative armor (all-be-it only in Endgame). If you do not like the cloak perk that comes with the Defiant, maybe you would enjoy the Multi-vector Advanced Escort. The one thing I looked foward to was getting my cloaked Defiant, DS9 being my fav Star Trek.

The Intrepid's Ablative are isn't removable, and there is no way to fuse Galaxy's saucer section.