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07-20-2011, 10:21 AM
Originally Posted by Sierrafortune
I like the idea of different Tricorders for everyone it'd be a cool change to the game. Also maybe add different types of Tricorders to some of the costume packages in the C-Store? After all the Bajorans use their own Tricorder, as do the Ferengi. So maybe if you purchase the Bajoran Militia outfit, or the Ferengi race addon from the C-Store it will give the option of using a unique tricorder as well. You could also add the TOS tricorder to the TOS package, the ENT ones to the ENT package and so on. Klingons definitely need their own though anything that helps make them more unique as a Faction is awesome in my book.
Also for reference here's a list of the different Tricorders from Memory Alpha:
I would love so much to have different selections of tricorders and communicators. (and even transporter effects.)

I very much like the idea of modified tricorders for each career. For example, a science officer might have a nemesis (palm pilot)-style tricorder (they would also use a little detachable hand scanner). An engineer would have perhaps a small antennae on their tricorder, something similar to the "Endgame" variant with lots of blinky LED bits. And a tactical officer I suppose would have a smaller compact, easy to use tricorder.