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# 13 Is this a real ?
07-20-2011, 11:20 AM
Originally Posted by BuccaneerDTB
Considering that no advantage is gained, is it really an exploit? There is no FvF or KvK que for open PvP. I personally don't mind it. But sometimes someone will warp in and threaten to report. It would be nice to know if it is an official violation.
For example, my son and I go to Otha. No other players are there. For a challenge he swaps sides. After a while another player shows up. He threatens to report even though nobody attacked him.
Another example 1 guy is out numbered by the other side. A few players swap sides to stop spawn camping.
Advantages gained have nothing to do with exploitation of a bug exploiting game buds is a band able offences and people doing so should be made a example of due to previous issue with exploits. there is NO OPEN PVP AT ALL. Well Now you know it is a violation if it was intended the game would have that option would it not?

The point is exploiting is not allowed no matter the circumstances and like in the real world a thief is a thief same goes for a exploiting is exploiting what will stop them from further exploitation of the game. If there is nothing to fear.